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Changing Lives

Mel Huddleston is an adult nurse practitioner living in St. Louis, Missouri. Mel is a nurse entrepreneur owning a home health agency,  an adult daycare, a medical spa, and a clinic for minor ailments, amongst other things.

She is also a published author.

She also assists her pastor, Senior Pastor Dr. LV Ford, at the Center of Joy Christian Church in St. Louis, Missouri.


 She believes in working in the community and helping others who cannot help themselves. She works with mentally challenged, physically challenged, and elderly citizens in the St. Louis area. She is working on her charitable organization to be further assistance to others.


She loves to read, learn new things, and travel. Two of her favorite things to do is a zipline and Segway around her chosen vacation spot.

She loves her family and church and what she does as a contribution to society.

Give Back!​



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Pink Sugar

Brand and Vision

Being a collector of beautiful things, a nurse, and a community server, I encourage anyone searching to give back, to start here. My mission is multi faceted being a nurse. I also encourage those who can, to visit  the spa, any spa, to experience a personal self-care regiment they have never experienced before; then return for that same invigorating experience.

Meloni Ann, MSN, RN, A-GNP-C

Don't be afraid to create your own journey!

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