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No Nurse No Bed-Bum Pay No Nurse

The pandemic has left a large number of medical facilities without nurses. Nurses have succumbed to the viruses or burned out because of the viruses and threw in the white towel.

I no longer work in a medical facility, but I know many nurses. If you hear or were told there was no bed in the medical facility, that means there is no nurse to attend to whoever may be ill in the bed. The grit and the grind are real. Now nurses are getting the pay they have always deserved, somewhat, but the workload has increased with the shortage of nurses; catch 22. So, are we back to the same 'overworked and underpaid' beef? Hospitals will pay a travel nurse agency up to one hundred and ninety-five dollars an hour to count toward staff, but the nurse will get ninety dollars an hour of that agreement. What am I missing here? Someone help me here, please. Why can't the hospital pay the nurse their worth? Why won't the hospital pay the nurse one hundred to one hundred fifty dollars an hour and retain the nurse? Did it take a hard-hitting, rampart, and deadly pandemic for medical authorities and the general public to note the worth of a nurse? Let me answer that, yes, it did. Before then, the medical authorities and the general public depended on a nurse's compassion for people, their love of what they do, their honesty, and willingness to do what's right, and do their jobs, right? Please do not tell me, "you didn't have to be a nurse. I love nursing, even in the arena where I practice and somebody has to do it. I think nurses are especially caring and utmost compassionate people and it is about time they can get compensated for their worth.

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