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Start Sleeping Well Again

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Alpha Lipoic Acid 600mg can be found in

many places, including Amazon. I like the

Biotin addition for my hair and nails.

If you click the bottle, it will take you to my PipingRock portal. There you will find all sorts of things you frequently use at a much lower cost. 

Have fun shopping. 

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Here's the thing

First of all, I am not trying to capitalize off sharing with you a solution that many of us have. However, I'm sure your family, friends, neighbors, and social media followers could use this solution. I cannot stress enough that this will work, but it did for the people I have told thus far and for me.

Alpha lipoic acid is a natural substance in your body. When it depletes, we must supplement it like we do everything else. 

While taking it for diabetic reasons, I was blessed not to have leg cramps at night anymore. It may not work if you decide not to take it consistently. I had taken it for just 14 days straight 8 months ago, and I have not been awakened with horrible and nightmarish leg cramps. I can stretch out like a baby again and not be concerned (in my sleep) that if I stretch, a cramp is bound to happen. Yippee!

I'm restored, renewed, and fresh to take on whatever my day will bring.

Mel Huddleston, RN, BSN
AGPCNP Pursuant
Good Looking Out, LLC

St. Louis University/Walden University

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Feel free to donate when you are relieved!

All funds are charitable to Mel Huddleston Ministries, Inc. 

DISCLAIMER: This is not medical advice. You should check with your primary care provider before consuming this product. 

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